Visakha Jilla Nava Nirvana Samithi also called VJNNS is a NGO operating in Eastern Ghats of Visakhapatnam District with a focus on making potable drinking water available to remote tribal villages while also working on other welfare activities like Education / Health / Socio-Economic Development / Agriculture & Environment

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Water For Kotha Valasa

A Gravity water supply system was constructed by an NGO called Nature in the year 2006. Since then the entire community depend on the same sources. It never gets dryed up. How ever according to the observation of the team members surveyed, the tank which was constructed was not as

Water For Koranji Guda

The only water source is well, which was damaged long time ago and was renovated recently. Accordingly the well is catering the entire needs of the village. The water quality is good. However as per the community request, they require a pipelines system and water to be reached to

Water For Jami guda

The only water source is well, water quality test revealed that the well water is contaminate with minerals which will create a problem in future for consuming the water. This water has damaged and the water not fit for drinking,. Utilization of perennial spring though located far from the village,

What we do?

VJNNS is involved in constructing GFWSS system which in itself is not just construction of water supply system but an integrated programme involving trainings on sanitation and better hygiene practices
VJNNS works with various schools and has been involved in various education programmes like schools for dropout children etc
VJNNS believes in community participation in all the activities. In pursuit of the same, VJNNS works with various community groups and help them develop self sustainable programmes.
VJNNS works with various government and non government organizations towards cleaner, greener and long lasting environment.
VJNNS provides livelihood sustenance training programmes

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Awesome Project
Nice to see great work done by VJNNS in tribal areas of Chintapalli