• 27 Early Childhood Care Centres, Play Schools and Feeder Schools run in tribal areas and have become model schools for the entire 11 mandals of tribal Paderu revenue division of Visakhapatnam District.
• 42 Balwadi cum Elementary Schools in Rural and Urban slums.
• 130 Non formal educational centers for School Dropouts covering 3 mandals in Narasipatnam revenue division
• 7 Schools to eradicate Child labor in Rural and Urban slums of Visakhapatnam.
• 4 Residential Bridge Courses run for School dropout children. About 350 boys and girls have been educated and rejoined in formal schools/ residential hostels.
• 625 children sponsored every year for 14 years and provided basic amenities to sponsored child, family and the other community children in the four urban slum areas of Visakhapatnam.
• 25 literacy camps and education centers run in the operational areas of VJNNS.
• 283 habitations of 17 panchayats covered through education motivational campaigns for school dropouts.
• 1739 dropout children enrolled directly in the schools and in the hostels as a result of motivational campaigns.
• Campaign on Child rights and prevention of child trafficking is constantly operational in the VJNNS belt.

• Save the Children Fund (SCF, UK)
• Christian Children’s Fund (CCF)
• Save The Children Fund (British Columbia)
• India Literacy Project USA
• Child Development Fund, Canada
• Care STEP- European Commission
• Academy of Gandhian Studies – Plan International

• BCT, Yelamachili
• Ministry of Human Resources, Department of Education, New Delhi
• District Government, Visakhapatnam
• Adult Education Department, Visakhapatnam
• Plan India
• Sarva Siksha Abhyan – ITDA, Paderu
• HELP, Ongole

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