* 2 Homeopathy health clinics were opened in and around Narsipatnam through the funds raised by VJNNS.
* 2000 Eye operations have been successfully completed by organizing eye camps at Government Area hospital in collaboration with KGH.  This event was supported by Royal Common Wealth Society (Mumbai) and ITDA (Paderu).
* The Rural Health Clinic was  held in 3 cluster medical camps in collaboration with the Government, PHC. It is done by conducting Immunization programme through government, Antenatal and Prenatal care and dental camps, Gynecology camps, T.B camps etc., in Tribal areas and has saved Children
*General Health Checkup camps were conducted in 3 tribal areas successfully completed in collaboration with Government Doctors. It has been supported by VJNNS local resources.
* Supply of IEC materials consisting of the information on women and child health, water handling, hygiene and sanitation, diseases and preventive techniques.
* Integrated Nutrition Health Program (INHP) has conducted Five ICDS Blocks. It has been providing technical guidance in system development in Nutrition and Health Program for Five ICDS Blocks – demonstration and replication of the systems in support with Care – INSP (AP)
* 15 Panchayats covering 60 habitations by Prevention of Child Trafficking and HIV / AIDs. It is providing awareness to people on Prevention of Child Trafficking and HIV / AIDs, Care and support to PLHs and CLHs and VOCSET. It is being supported by AGS – pan India – CTHAPAP.
* Child friendly centers have been provided  in 70 Anganwadi centers.  It is  doing a Theme based wall painting in Anganwadi centers and it supported by Unicef (Hyderabad).
* One Mobile Medical Unit Covering 72 remote tribal habitations and Mobile Medical Unit sanctioned for remote and interior areas. They provide the preventive measures and attend the general check-ups, conduct anti-natal, postnatal checkups, collection of blood samples, immunization, refer the cases to near by PHC. Regular tour to the villages allotted. It’s supported by NRHM (New Delhi-Government of India) (AP) and ITDA (Paderu).

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