VJNNS & Frank Water , ARUP Field - 1
VJNNS & Frank Water , ARUP Field - 1

ACWADAM Team’s Field Visit

A team from ACWADAM, Pune comprising of Mr. Koustub Mahamuni and Aditya visited VJNNS Narasipatnam from 24th Sept to 27th Sept 2011. Primary purpose of this visit was to review the projects executed by VJNNS and provide a scientific approach to the overall programme.

ACWADAM’s field visit was scheduled as given below:
24-Sep-2011: Team reached Narasipatnam.
25-Sep-2011: Field visit to Rintada and Diguvapakalu villages.
26-Sep-2011: Field visit to Palada and A.Sanivaramu villages.
27-Sep-2011: Field visit to Rolugunta village. Wrapup meeting at VJNNS.

Following team members from VJNNS were involved in the discussions and field trips:
Mr. A.V. Raghu Ram (Secretary), Mr. S.B.P. Sarathi (Tech. officer), Mr. Ch. A. Naidu (Field coordinator)
Mr. D.V.Rao (Trainee), Mr. P. karthik chandan (Programme Director), M. A. Siva kumar (Project Director)

Following activities were conducted:
– Collection of rock samples and observation
– Walk thru of spring source catchment area contour lines
– Collection of Water sample.
– Collected other necessary data like, elevation of spring source, distribution tank etc.
– Observed Discharge rate of each of these spring sources.

Following report is created out of the field visit. ACWADAM VJNNS Report 2011