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Visakha Jilla Nava Nirmana Samithi (VJNNS) - Narsipatnam – 531116
Note on Gravity Fed Water Supply System (GFWSS ) implemented in the Eastern Ghats of the Visakhapatnam and East Godavari Districts of AP

Visakha Jilla Nava Nirmana Samithi (VJNNS) Narsipatnam has been working for the last four decades focusing with an objective of improvisation of the quality of life of the poor, downtrodden and deserving communities living in remote and interior areas of tribal and rural communities. Organization focuses in the sectors of Health, Education, Environment, Social development and Economic empowerment in the districts of Visakhapatnam and East Godavari Districts of AP
VJNNS aims to provide safe and clean drinking water supply to the vulnerable communities in tribal areas, as potable water could reduce many of the health aliments in the region. Vjnns has observed the plight of people in getting drinking water. It is observed that people use the sources of springs, canals, open wells, as drinking water. It is identified that water is polluted and contaminated due either storage of water for long time or daily ablutions therefore the incidence of water borne diseases is high, the community felt difficulty for the medical expenses and treatment of diseases. The most affected are girl child and women. While working in the villages, there was demand from the community for providing safe drinking water to them. Accordingly, VJNNS has improved several spring boxes, spring wells, spring walls, Iron Removal plant (IRP), standard models (like open wells and Bore wells) as intervention for providing safe drinking water. However, after observing the working of the units, as the units not functioned as expected, the need of development of another alternative system is arise. Vjnns developed Gravity Fed Water Supply Systems (GFWSS).
Gravity Fed Water supply System (GFWSS) is a system which is an unique and developed indigenously for the best utilization of the perennial springs located in the nearby hills for tapping an alternative source of drinking water to the remote and interior areas of the tribal areas. It is observed that the some of the villages used to get water to their fields from the cannels using a small pipe of Bamboo from long distances. VJNNS observed the presence of perennial source of water located at higher and at a long distance from the village. While planning for providing of drinking water VJNNS thought of getting of water from the point of long distance through a pipe from the source to the village. As the source is located at higher level, it is observed that the water flowed from higher level to the village at lower level with the gravity force and siphon system without using any electric motor any other power devices.

VJNNS initially, constructed a small collection tank at source, and arrange a pipe (HDPE) line to the village and provided a street based stand posts. And it proved fruitful results and the water reached the village. At later stage VJNNS additionally constructed a distribution tank for treatment of water and its elements as development task to the to make the unit providing clean water by providing slow sand filter and reverse slow sand filter system.

It is unique:
⦁ A system bringing water to doorsteps hence relieving stress from people
⦁ Who earlier fetched water from distanced spring sources.
⦁ A system offering water round the clock, 24 X 7, 365 Days with low maintenance cost.
⦁ A system which doesn’t require any external power or mechanical hardware to be easily managed by village Locals
⦁ A system offering Safe and Clean water
⦁ A system helping village’s increase their annual income because of effective time spent on livelihood improvement.
⦁ Complemented by training programs creating awareness on health and hygiene.
⦁ Surface water can be tapped avoiding digging of rigs for underground water.

VJNNS its first construction of GFWSS has initiated in the year 2002; it observed the unit has been working properly in providing clean drinking water for the last 12 years continuously. Based on the results VJNNS had taken up the construction of devices (GFWSS) in the hilly regions of Eastern Ghats

Process of Installation of GFWSS:

Source Tank Pipe Line

Distribution Tank

Out let from distribution Tank Tap at village level

VJNNS has constructed around 57 such devices in the Mandals of Koyyuru, Chintapalli & GK Veedhi of Visakhapatnam district and has covered four Mandals in East Godavari districts of AP. Also, one device constructed in Guntur District. Similarly, VJNNS has also guided several Co-NGOs and Panchyat in implementing around 50 GFWSS systems in the neighboring Districts.
VJNNS constructed Gravity Fed Water Supply Systems (GFWSS) with the assistance of several national and international donor agency supports of SCF, AFPRO, Water Aid, CARE, Arghyam, Nalco, GIZ-AGS, Frank Water and World Mission etc. VJNNS proposed to thank the donor organization for extending their kind humanitarian assistance for installing GFWSS systems for providing clean safe drinking water to the tribal community. VJNNS feels happy to express its gratitude to the donor agencies on behalf of the tribal communities.
Having seen the progress and the development of the GFWSS in the villages, the demand has increased for GFWSS devices in several other villages.
VJNNS thought to promote and propagate the concept of GFWSS and successful structure for the hilly terrain regions. Such that, the natural resources are use effectively and thereby the GFWSS programmes are be able to introduce in many hilly regions of the state.
Community involvement.
Community is involved from the stage of planning, implementing and to the end of stage of installation to make the programme fruitful. A Village Development committee is formed for the maintenance of the unit after handing over the unit to the community.

Vjnns think that GFWSS is suitable mode of system for providing safe and clean drinking water to the community in tribal villages for the hilly region.

There are a large number deserving, needy villages require safe, clean drinking water in the hilly regions of Vizag, Vizianagaram, East Godavari and Srikakulam Districts of AP.

VJNNS hope that Government, Donor organizations, CSR, Co Ngos, come forward to work colloborately to achieve the mission of the providing clean drinking water to the needy community.

Vjnns wish to provide technical guidance to Co NGOS, Panchyat, CBOs who come forward for the installation of GFWSS in the suggested needy and remote areas.

Progress so far:
Survey Completed 152 GFWSS to be constructed 84
GFWSS construction Completed (units) 57 Habitations covered 83
GFWSS serving to HH 4004 GFWSS Population 20158

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