Bridgefund Construction completed in Somaraveedhi

Somaraveedhi – Bridgefund Construction completed

Thanks to Infosys funding and village provided funds VJNNS was able to restore a safe water source to Somaraveedhi village which is home to 25 households comprising of 125 people. With the village community working along side VJNNS we performed the following work:

  • constructed a source tank with cover plates
  • constructed a filter tank with screen and cover plates
  • 10 top cover plates provided for Distribution Tank
  • supplied 20 meters of HDPE pipe and completed required plumbing work
  • completed plastering work on the distribution tank to prevent further leakage
  • Platform Constructed and repaired 2 stand posts
  • constructed a fence to protect the system from wildlife

Bridgefund Construction Completed In Somaraveedhi

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