Community Led Total Sanitation Programme in Kummarivanchula

Community Led Total Sanitation Programme in Kummarivanchula

Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) is a creative approach for assembling Community to totally wipe out open defecation  (OD). Communities are encouraged to direct their own evaluation and investigation of open defecation  (OD) and make their own move to wind up ODF (open defecation  free).

At the core of CLTS lies the acknowledgment that just giving toilets does not ensure their utilization, nor result in improved sanitation and cleanliness. Prior ways to deal with sanitation endorsed high starting norms and offered appropriations as a motivating force. Be that as it may, this frequently prompted uneven appropriation, issues with long haul supportability and just incomplete use. It additionally made a culture of reliance on appropriations. Open defecation and the cycle of fecal– oral tainting kept on spreading ailment.

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Community Led Total Sanitation Programme In Kummarivanchula

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