Filtermedia in Dibbavalasa

Filtermedia in Dibbavalasa Village

Dibbavalasa village having one vuta and maa thota pipe connection.Maa thota pipe connection is situated steep down to the village.The vuta is also situated down to the village. It gets contaminated with aggri effluents. In rainy season it gets contaminated. In summer season it is giving very less yield. The entire village depends on Maa thota pipe connection only. The population of the village is too  high. The maa thota pipe is not fulfill the demand of the village. The community leaders approached VJNNS having request by sharing the spring located at a distance of 1500 meters at source having good yield. The request of the community is genuine and recommended for the gravity Fed water supply system is an appropriate solution to solve the drinking problem of the village for the present and future generations.

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Filtermedia In Dibbavalasa Village

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