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Gravity Fed Schemes

Many rural areas have water problems. Available sources are placed miles away from the home. Women in these villages used to walk at least half km a day to bring the water for daily usage.  VJNNS has been helping such kind of villages by construction gravity water supply systems. They are even inspiring local villagers to make changes to water supply if anything is required. But for typical technical issues, VJNNS support team members will reach to the corresponding village and repair it. As VJNNS operational and maintenance team working rigorously, total they found around 250 villages.

What is GFWS? How does it help to villagers?

Gravity feed water system (GFWS) has three rooms inside and covered by concrete roof on its top. By connecting GE pipe with HDPE pipe, drinking water will be sent to first room or storage space. In the next step it is been filled with 40mm stones, 30mm & 20mm stones and spread with sand on the top. This process will be done till it reaches to 2feet height. Filtered water from this room one will be sent second room. After the filtration from here, water reaches to third room. This is how the villagers can get the purified water from the GFWS. VJNNS has constructed more than hundred GFWWS (Gravity fed water supply system) during the FY-2017-18. Infosys foundation have joined hands with VJNNS and sponsoring dollars to help the poor.


Drinking pure water is very important for human life which leads to healthy life too.

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