Infosys Phase-II Meeting held on 13-04-2018-optimize

Infosys Foundation Phase-II Meeting held on VJNNS

1. VJNNS has implemented village development committees ( vdc ) in 200 villages successfully. For the Financial year 2018 - 19, would like to implement this VDC program in the rest of 300 villages. 
2. This committee collects fund for the gravity device ( GFWSS) maintenance. 
3. Good personal hygiene is essential to promoting good health. So, keeping it in mind, we would like to implement WASH PROGRAM across 500+ villages. In this program, team members will explain the best hygiene practices to all villagers or groups and make sure they continue to follow on daily. 
4. Construction of 38 GFWSS devices
5. Bridgefund Implementation in 60 villages.

Infosys Foundation Phase-II Meeting Held On VJNNS

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