Migrant Labourers Stuck at Guntur – Tenali

In the month of Jan 2020, more than 800 people migrated from Visakhapatnam district to various places in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in search of livelihood. Amongst all those people, VJNNS could get in touch with 300+ people who have migrated from Anathagiri Mandal to Guntur district.

These 300+ people are working in various brick factories on a contract basis near Tenali Division, Kalluru Mandal, Guntur District.

As per the original contract these laborers are supposed to be having work till September 2020. Most of these migrants have built temporary shelters near to the factories.

As of date, all work in the factories has been stopped while owners are currently providing them food for free which will eventually be deducted from their wages once lockdown is over. And if lockdown continues, this food support also will not be given.

This fear of uncertainty has caused a lot of panic amongst these laborers and they are demanding ways to go back to their native villages.

Below table gives detail of # of people stranded in groups:

Sl No Contact Person Village Residing No. of Members Contact No
1 Janni Ramana Tokalavanipalem 55 9493875825
2 Somala Dharmayya Kattarlanka 45 6305384779
3 Karra boina Yarrayya Nakkapainagramam 45 9110569337
4 Dola Rambabu Karakatta Route 60 9593782672
5 Bhuri Jogayya Pesarlanka 60 9346511257
6 Janni Sankarrao Gajulalanka 55 9390587321
Total 320

VJNNS would like to request donor organizations to help these migrants members by providing food relief for at least 10-15 days. VJNNS plans to distribute this ration in collaboration with its sister organization “GRAMASIRI” in Baptla.

All necessary permissions will be taken from departments to ensure ration is provided to the needy in this lockdown situation.

VJNNS plans to distribute ration worth 500 per person.

Migrant Labourers Stuck At Guntur – Tenali

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