Mr Pramod Kulkarni’s visit to VJNNS Project Sites

At our behest, Mr Pramod Kulkarni from Infosys Foundation graced the VJNNS project sites.

Mr Pramod himself runs a couple of NGOs

a> Prerana - Aiding the merited, economically weaker students to pursue graduation. They have currently helped  around 450 students in Bengaluru.

b> SATHI - Helping children who have run away from homes and have landed on platforms. Around 6500 children have been helped per year. Sathi works across locations of New Delhi, Pune, and Bengaluru.

Mr Pramod along with his team visited:

Day 01 - Villages where GFWSS systems are already in place:

Chitta Mamidi, Govada, Dingarai of Sankada Panchayat of G K Veedhi Mandal.


Day 02 - Villages where GFWSS has to be constructed in the near future:

Cheedigunta, Bheemunipakalu of Darakonda Panchayat of G.K. Veedhi Mandal.