Our Founder – Late. Shri. Adiraju Lakshmi Narasimha Murthy Garu

The life and works of Shree Adiraju Narsimha Murthy are an example to follow; he is a real Role Model – an example to follow, for everybody. He was born in an average farmer’s family, as the son of a local Karanam, in Narsipatnam, Visakhapatnam district, on 27-08-1936. He completed his education up to SSLC (11th class) in 1952. Latter he had to stop his further studies, due to family circumstances. After his father’s demise, he is forced to support the family. With his hard work, he not only came up in his life but helped several thousand people with his services as a social worker. 

He was married to his maternal uncle’s daughter, Smt Bala Tripura Sundari, a pious, young and beautiful lady, very kind-hearted, who used support her husband through thick and thin. He moved to Kakinada and started his life’s carrier in Khadi deport. Many of his relatives, including brothers, brothers-in-laws, sister-in-laws got their education through his help. They grow up under his shelter, studied, and started their life’s journey. He extended his helping hand, support, and encouragement, not only to his family members but to all who asked him and to those is in need. He met his best friend, guide, and teacher Shree Sivarama Murthy Garu and both traveled together in their life’s journey for a long time in starting, growing, and nourishing social service organizations. Shri ALN Murthy garu was a very kind person, and his helping nature is one of his best qualities. When his Guru was in deep financial problems, ALN Murthy stood with him and helped him a lot. That further strengthened their friendship. That led to the invitation in 1977, from Shree Sivarama Murthy Garu to join the project at Bapatla. 

He Joined as Khadi worker under the Intensive Khadi Scheme, Govt., of Madras in 1953. The Organization transferred to Govt. of India in the name of All India Khadi & Village Industries Board with the same staff in October 1953. Again the A.K. & V.I. Board transferred to Khadi Village Industries Commission, Bombay, with the same staff in 1957. He Worked with Artisans, Spinners and Weavers as a Sales Depot Manager at Kakinada till 1969 and as a Godown Manager and Sales Organizer till 1972. He had associations with rural people like Spinners, Weavers, artisans & freedom fighters. He got experience with the public in the Sales of Khadi.

In 1977 a great Havoc occurred in Diviseema. Many People in Guntur and Krishna districts were badly affected.   As per the directions of Dr. K.S. Radhakrishna, Secretary Gandhi Peace Foundation and Sri G. Sivarama Murthy Garu founder of SDRSI, Tirupathi, requested him to work in Cyclone affected area at Guntur District with the Head Quarters at Bapatla. He attended Relief Activities as a Chief coordinator.  He Constructed 2000 permanent houses (out of 2000 constructed 1500 houses are for SCs only) and 10 community centers for Cyclone Victims with the help of EZE, Germany. As a further follow-up, a Voluntary Organization Registered in the name of  “GRAMASIRI” undertaken Rural Development for Cyclone Victims and Shree ALN Murthy Garu worked as a Secretary (Chief Functionary). At present, the Grama Siri undertook Education, Health, Environment and Ecology, Trainings & Economic Support Programs covering Villages with the population about 60,000. 

These are a number of programs he successfully organized, participated, and implemented. These are in the areas of education, health, microcredit, lift irrigation, drinking water, environment, and pollution. To name a few in education, 23 elementary schools in Bapatla, 29 in tribal areas, 3 elementary schools in Visakhapatnam Slum areas, 10 NCLP schools in Visakhapatnam, Narsipatnam mandals, 90 NFE Centers in Golugonda, Nathavaram and  Narsipatnam mandals.  He organized 3 Health Clinics – Immunization Programs, Eye Camps Dental Camps – Veterinary Camps, Health & Family Welfare Camps – Personal Hygiene, Camps for vulnerable communities – HIV/AIDS Camps, in the health sector. He organized a number of Mahila Mandals & Self Help in and around Cherukupalli, Bapatla & Karlapalem of Guntur District since 1994.  Approximately 40,000 SCs (Harijans), ST, BC, women were covered with a Financial Assistance with 19.00 Cores. Drinking water is a pressing need in India. He provided 1500 open wells in Bapatla and Karlapalem mandals, 250 hand-pumps in Bapatla, and Karlapalem mandals. In the Lift Irrigation area, he installed Buddam Lift Irrigation Program covered 1050 Acres, West Bapatla Lift Irrigation Program covered with 2200 Acres (1st Crop Paddy,  2nd Crop Ground-nuts). Environment and pollution control is a very important area. He organized the Construction of Biogas Plants – Smokeless Chulhas. Organizing Joint Forest Management, Usage of Renewable Energy for Irrigation and Lighting purposes are some of the areas of his work.

He was an active member of several organizations. He was Ex-Member of the Governing Board, Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, (Department. of Women & Child Development Ministry of Human Resource Development., Government, of  India. from 2000 Aug., for 3 years, Vice Patron, Indian Red Cross Society, Raj Bhawan, Hyderabad, A.P. Executive Member in A.P. Disaster Mitigation Resource Institution, Vijayawada. He was Governing Board Member in Gandhi Peace Centre, Hyderabad. 

Shree ALN Murthy also did agriculture, sericulture, and started VJNNS and helped rural people. After the initial construction phase at Nadirajutota, for poor who lost their homes during construction, ALN Murthy found that the poor villages in those colonies have the only shelter to live, but not a means to live. Then he visualized Gramasiri and developed several schemes to help them. He started a school and Hospital for their benefit. He started several schemes to help them in agriculture, small scale business, and several trades. There are thousands of persons and hundreds of families that are benefited by him, both at Bapatla and Narsipatnam. He provided employment for hundreds, directly and indirectly, a livelihood to thousands, who have limited skills.

All this was possible, by his hard work, motivation, self-discipline, dedication, ambition to grow, at the same time highly driven MBO, and planning and punctuality. He traveled a lot, for his work, though out. He went even to Canadian high commission to get a vehicle for his office. He has a pleasing manner, soft tone, convincing capability, forward planning, and people management. He was excellent in communication and presentation. He was a great orator and he gave several speeches in different forums. The proof is he is honored by the governor of AP, several organizations, and highly respected everywhere.

On the personal note, he is a loving husband, loving father, a good friend, helping relative, responsible brother, and a great father in law and grandfather.  All these are very few words to express his personality, it takes at least 200 pages to write in detail about him and his qualities. I request all to pray for him and wish that his holy soul rests in peace. Let all of us follow his example and lead a successful life and learn how to help others.


Written by Shri Ramakantha Chakalkonda (Shri A L N Murthy garu’s Son-in-law)