One of the core issues concerning water in the Eastern Ghats is the pollution of water sources leading to poor health, improper hygiene and sanitation practices. In Phase I of this project, VJNNS created filter tanks at natural spring sources and channeled the water to tribal villages using pipelines. It also introduced toilet blocks.

In Phase II, VJNNS will expand its efforts to provide safe water to communities through gravity based systems and share its experiences.


The planned interventions are:

  1. Conducting a base line survey to understand the status of water supply, sanitation, and health issues.
  2. Installing gravity water systems to provide safe water to households.
  3. Developing plans for household water supplies.
  4. Instituting better operations and maintenance management systems for the older gravity water systems.
  5. Maintaining and updating the VJNNS water portal.

Focus Area Water Security

Duration January 2012-December 2013

Location 10 villages, Visakhapatnam District

Ongoing Project

  • 1 State (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Grant amount of Rs. 44.51 Lakh
  • 1500 Households


Chinnaya Palem