In the remote villages of the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh, South India live tribals under the most under-privileged living conditions. The core issue being dearth of potable water in the vicinity of their habitation. Owing to this, the hygiene and sanitation practices were improper thus leading to poor health conditions in these villages. Visakha Jilla Nava Nirmana Samithi (VJNNS) an NGO based at Narsipatnam, near Visakhapatnam has ventured into resolving this problem involving the affected communities. They have adapted a technology called Gravity Fed Water Supply System (GFWSS) through which they create filter tanks at natural spring sources and channel it to the villages using pipelines. They have also introduced wastewater management and toilet blocks while guiding the villagers on hygienic sanitation practices.

Arghyam has joined hands with VJNNS to support this noble cause by sponsoring 10 GFWSS during the year 2016-2017 and we remain indebted to their contribution. This has helped VJNNS to further ensure robust models are built by engaging community participation in the operation and maintenance of these GFWS systems. Structured water quality data and information on water related issues, specific to the eastern hilly region of Visakhapatnam, were disseminated through the India Water Portal. This has resulted in the villagers being able to access water at the convenience of their homes at all times.


During 2016-2017, GFWSS were constructed in the following villages:

  1. Suddagaruvu
  2. Barsingi
  3. Usiriputtu
  4. Vattibusula
  5. Kondapalli Gunnalu
  6. Dumbrivalasa
  7. Konthuguda
  8. Koraparthi
  9. Eathamanuguda
  10. Chandanagiri


  1. Conducting a baseline survey to understand the status of water supply, sanitation, and health issues.
  2. Installing gravity water systems to provide safe water to households.
  3. Developing plans for household water supplies.
  4. Maintaining and updating the VJNNS water portal.
  5. Water quality testing and baseline studies were conducted.
  6. Awareness workshops and community training were given on aspects of setting up and maintaining water supply systems, water quality, hygiene management etc.,





Kondapalli Gunnalu