Visakha Jilla Nava Nirmana Samithi (VJNNS), the NGO at Narsipatnam in Visakhapatnam has indeed been the beacon of light to many households in the surrounding villages by providing them water at their doorsteps through Gravity Fed Water Supply Systems (GFWSS). It is indeed the benevolence of sponsors such as Frank Water (UK) that has made this noble vision a reality. VJNNS is filled with gratitude for being associated with Frank Water (UK) in this venture for the fourth consecutive year. The primary objective of VJNNS is to provide easy access to water so that the community time may be otherwise productively utilized. However; they go beyond the call of cause and provide training on better sanitation and hygiene procedures as well, thus adding value by making way for the improved health of the tribal villagers.

Approximately; 150-200 families constituting 700+ tribal villagers in the Eastern Ghats of Visakhapatnam will be the beneficiaries of this program. This is a welcome change as they will have access to potable drinking water as against the iron/lime content water which gets further contaminated during the rainy season. Summer dries up the dug wells causing a huge concern and this project would definitely help them sigh with relief. It may be noteworthy to mention that the beneficiaries are involved in this project from the basic step of drawing a Micro Level Plan to bringing in their labour contribution to construct the GFWS systems. They also dedicate a part of their income towards the maintenance of these systems in future, if and when required. It is indeed a boon for the women and girl children who are otherwise the most affected as they are the ones carrying water from long distances across steep and slippery paths. It will henceforth ensure that the girl child does not skip school for this purpose and the female population leads a healthy and hygienic life. While the entire village is part of this project, a Village Development Committee with a ratio of 1:10 members is elected to own the planning and implementation of this program.

Frank Water (UK) has been generous to sponsor 25000 Great Britain Pounds for the construction of 3 to 4 GFWSS this year in the villages of Panasaputtu, Balli Mamidi, and Kundrum Panasaputtu. While a solar system was initially recommended in the Micro Level Plan of Balli Mamidi village, a spring has been identified in the nearby village due to which the community has requested for a GFWSS. Sariyapalli village of the Eradapalli panchayat in Paderu mandal is optionally being considered for GFWSS construction this year alongside the others. VJNNS targets to complete the Operations & Maintenance activities for 13 villages where GFWSS has already been completed in the previous years. It brings us immense pleasure to acknowledge the interest of the Government (ITDA) in VJNNS GFWSS model as they are planning to implement the same across many other villages.