FRANK Water CASE STUDY Guidelines
Two short interviews to be conducted with beneficiaries (individuals or households), recorded in writing and translated into English.
Beneficiaries should be asked to talk in their own words about the project so far, what changes they have seen and how this has affected them (this can include both positive and negative changes)
Please make sure that beneficiaries are happy to provide this information and ask them for consent. Please also make sure that they understand how this information will be used. Do not interview any vulnerable people such as children (please interview parents/guardians/teachers instead), people who are very ill or older people who are not able to fully understand what they are being asked.
Please include the names of the beneficiaries.
Please provide a high quality (high resolution) photo of the beneficiaries, if possible clearly showing their faces. Again, please make sure that beneficiaries are happy for you to take this picture.
Please attach photos as jpegs and label them clearly.

Please interview two different types of people (e.g. individual men/women, households/families, local leaders, marginalised people, teachers, health professionals, operators/water committee members)
Maximum 500 words per interview
If necessary, prompt people to talk about changes such as health, well-being, work, income, changes in the home etc. Maybe ask what would have happened if this programme of work had not happened.
Please include the following details of the person(s) being interviewed: name, permission (yes/no), age, gender, number of people in the household, including the number of children,occupation/employment, observations (e.g. type of house, facilities, socio-demographic information e.g. whether the person is from a marginalised group.
Half Yearly Report
Annual Report