Post Construction Training for 2 Villages

Village Profile for Barsingi

Village Profile for Suddugaravu

VJNNS arranged post construction training to 2 villages after the completion of GFWSS work.  The purpose of this training is to share and learn the experiences that the villagers had during the whole process of building up the GFWSS and access to clean drinking water.  Villagers share their stories of how they came together and worked as a single unit in achieving clean drinking water.  The two villages which participated in the training programme are :

  1. Suddugaravu village of Tammangula Panchayat of Chinthapalli Mandal having a population of 224 villagers.
  2. Barsingi village of Gaduthuru Panchayat of G. Madugula Mandal having a population of 197 villagers.