Bheemanapalli, Kondapalli Gunnalu, Lakshmipuram, Pedagedda Vangasara, Varthanapalli – Post Construction Training


On 3rd June 2017, a post construction training was held for the five villages of Bheemanapalli, Lakshmipuram, Varthanapalli, Peddagedda Vangasara and Kondipalli Gunnalu. Twenty nine men and twenty three women, in all fifty three people from these five villages attended this training. Status of the work done till date was captured for each village and a list of the pending works drawn. The reason for delay was ascertained. 10th June 2017 was assigned as the completion date for the remaining work. The people were guided on the protection of the spring. An explanation of the monitoring sheet was also imparted to them before the system was handed over to the community. Other issues were identified while they were educated about the common problems arising in maintaining the system. Maintenance of the system was re-iterated to be taken care of by the community while making prudent utilization of water. It concluded by taking their agreement on Operation and Maintenance of the project.


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