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The unstoppable VJNNS has helped another village in Vishaka district. Here is the brief story. . .

As there are two villages with the same name, has created the confusion over sanctioning the funds.

One of them is, Cherapalli near to Kothapalem and another is also Cherapalli near to Syamagadda. Due to this issue, people have faced so many problems. Even though the government has given the funds, it reached to the Cherapalli which is near to Kothapalli village. People even don’t have drinking water too and to get it, villagers have to walk so much distance daily.

How Did they Solved?

A revolutionary woman named Kodabala Ramanamma from Cherapalli near Syamagadda village and few more villagers have joined hands together and managed to collect funds upto 1.16 lakh rupees from villagers. But, to build a water distribution tank, they need more. After the many years, they come to know about VJNNS( Vishaka Jilla Nava Nirmana Samithi)  an NGO which was sponsored by Infosys, Bangalore. Altogether had met and discussed the water problem. VJNNS Staff responded positively and took a strong decision to help them. Finally, they have given the required amount of Rupees 2.83Lakhs and constructed the distribution tank for the villagers. By spending nearly 3.83lakhs villagers wish is fulfilled by VJNNS successfully. 

Villagers are Happy  

Pongi mallamma said, “ After the tank has built, people from the village and especially women felt extremely happy. Now they do not have to walk miles to get a pot of drinking water.”

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