Existence Source in Chinthalaveedhi Village

Technical Feasibility – Chinthalaveedhi

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Technical Feasibility being done by Chinthalaveedhi Village and gramasabha meeting conducted by VJNNS team.

The only one water source available is a spring box, which is completely damaged, since there is no alternative, the entire community ought depend on the spring box only. The Spring box also situated in the middle of the fields resulting that often gets contamination with agriculture effluents. Utilisation of perennial spring though located far from the village, which consumes about 6 hours per day in fetching water for a family daily usage. Of above all, slippery and steep foot path to reach drinking water source. As the villagers found the right direction to solve the drinking water problem, shown interest to put their labour contribution, and formed a 11 member Village Development Committee to reach the identified spring source, which is at a distance about 0.4 KMs near peddabanda hillock. As the record of the elevation at proposed source shows 976 Mts and 948 Mts shows at village level, it is therefore, the request of the community is genuine and recommended for the Gravity fed supply system to solve the drinking problem of the village for the present and future generations. The community also agreed upon the maintenance part by saving some portion of their earnings as for the repairs of the system.

Technical Feasibility – Chinthalaveedhi

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