Water fetching system for Polambandalu-optimize

Technical Feasibility – Polambandalu

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The Village Polam bandalu is having no proper road connectivity from either side of the directions. However with a great intension of having solar electric power and a school building for their children, the entire community has bearded all the difficulties by shramadan through head loads on walking across the hills got the above community assets. In a similar manner drinking water problem also solved, however as the water levels get depletes during the summer, hence it is required to provide them an other alternative source of drinking water system to the village. The community assured to provide Shramadan as it is for their community. A 11 member team formed as a development committee for the bringing benefit in a sustainable manner for their present and future generation. The identified spring source, which is at a distance about 1800 meters with a difference in the elevation about 24 feet away from the village vantalu mamidi Konda hillock. There will not be any problem in reaching water to the village.

Technical Feasibility – Polambandalu

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