VJNNS – ARGHYAM – SERP – Collaborative Meeting

VJNNS - ARGHYAM - SERP Collaborative Meeting at SERP Head Office, Vizayawada,

As part of providing drinking water facility in remote and interior areas of the North coastal Districts of AP, a collaborative efforts started in Promoting and ad0ptation of Gravity Fed Water Supply System (GFWSS) between VJNNS- Narsipatanam, ARGHYAM- Bangalore, SERP(Velugu)- Vizayawada.
A 4th round of meeting was held at SERP Vizayawada where in the following officials participated in collaborative meeting held on 11/01/2017.
Sri Krishna Mohan, CEO SERP- Vizayawada
Sri Venkat Giridhar, Director - SERP Vizayawada,
Sri Biswadeep Ghoosh, Director - Grants, Arghyam - Bangalore.
Sri Manohar, Project Manager, Arghyam - Arghyam - Bangalore,
Sri Harshavarthan Dhawan, Project Manager - Arghyam - Bangalore
Sri Karthik chandan, Programme Director- VJNNS- Narsipatnam,
Sri Siva Kumar, Project Director, VJNNS -Narsipatnam
Sri Venu Gopal, Engineer - VJNNS - Narsipatnam
Sri Sanyasi rao, Project Coordinator - VJNNS, Narsipatnam
Development Consultant from SERP - Vizayawada.

A clear-cut deliberation discussed to implement the above programme in an aggressive manner with out compromising any quality and sustainable aspects for which role of each collaborative institution were discussed.

The Action plan role of VJNNS & Partners:
VJNNS is to Train the cluster coordinators and other relevant staff on various aspects related to GFWSS long term sustenance.
Development of training modules as per the requirement Identification of Source Monitoring of the quality to ensure sustainability.

Role of ARGHYAM:
Module development
TOT to VJNNS and partners
Policy and showcasing through IWP
Support for VJNNS partners in programme designing and M&E

Role of SERP:
Identification Villages
Deputation of trainees
Funding for trainings and structures
Reviews and guidance.

Immediate steps to adopt is that  to implement trainings to Cluster coordinatrs.