VJNNS & Frank Water , ARUP Field - 1
VJNNS & Frank Water , ARUP Field - 1

Vjnns & Frank Water, ARUP Visit 16-02-2017 to 24-02-2017

ARUP (http://www.arup.com/), an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services has been working with FRANK WATER (http://www.frankwater.com/) towards creating sustainable solution in development sectors in UK & India. 

 Frank Water who has been supporting VJNNS (http://vjnns.org/) for the past 2 years introduced VJNNS team to ARUP to create an Environmental impact study tool for VJNNS. While VJNNS has been studying "Social", "Economical" & "Institutional" impact of GFWSS on communities, dedicated "Environmental" impact was not considered in the past. 
ARUP's experience in doing an "Environmental" impact study, will be used to develop a tool in collaboration with FRANK WATER & VJNNS. This tool will be used to study various villages where GFWSS system has been developed. 
ARUP's team spent 7 days with team in development of the tool.