VJNNS Team Solved Another Drinking Water Issue in Dumbriguda

Rural parts of our country, especially in the tribal area, villagers don't have access to water. Moreover, this scarcity is high during the summer time.  Generally, it's women who fetch the water to households. Every day they used to walk miles to fetch the water. There is a village under Lyganda panchayat in Vishaka district, called isakagaravu. People of this village have no access to water.  With the help of VJNNS director Siva garu, Mr. Sanyasirao who has been working as a coordinator in the NGO has started water distribution scheme. Ex-sarpanch of the village Mr chittaiah and sanyasirao, both have inaugurated this most needed scheme for the tribal villagers. With the help of villagers, they have collected one lakh rupee funds, and VJNNS has funded 3.90lakhs. To give a complete solution, both the funds added together & VJNNS fulfilled villagers long back the dream. Villagers were so happy with this new water scheme from NGO. It will save the time as well as keeps them healthy too.