VJNNS followed its WATSAN strategy for “France Libertés – Danielle Mitterrand Foundation” program “Facilitating outreach of empowered tribal villages to government agencies towards better drinking water systems“. This included following:

– Doing a survey on the village
– Identifying issues (This also included formation of Village Development Committee – VDC)
– Prioritizing the issues (In this case more focus was given to Water Security)
– Advocacy programs (Creating liaison between government and VDC – personal meeting with government agencies / interface meet)
– Fund raising (in this project VJNNS contacted several other donors and included their activities related to water security into the project)
– Implementation of water systems (In this project, it was not applicable)
– Follow up (Regular follow up with the villagers to study impacts.
– Action research (Re-survey on the village regarding the issues raised earlier to ensure none of them re-appear. In case if any of the issue continues to pre-vail, prioritize the tasks and involve into advocacy