Vishaka Jilla Nava Nirmana Samithi (VJNNS), Narsipatnam made its humble beginning in the year 1972 with a Gandhian ideology of promoting the development concept of ‘Grama sabha, Grama Nidhi and Shrama Daan’. Adding the ‘Action Oriented Learning’ to this principle, has brought us to identify the acute problems of the communities and channelizing the same through the right outlets. From the very start, VJNNS has been working on the developmental activities and has identified that drinking water problem has been a crucial issue despite addressing the Educational, Health, Social and Environmental needs of the community.

During a courtesy call to the villages, the woes of the women folk was heart rending which made the team led by our great leader Late Sri A L Narsimha Murthy Garu to explore the exploitation of natural resources. Exploring the principle of Gravity Flow (Fed) Water Supply was an experiment that was undertaken to ease the water crunch. Through this methodology, running water sources and several water bodies that were perennial in nature were identified with the help of the village elders.

The vision of VJNNS has been to ‘Help the Hapless and Deprived’, which means ‘Reach the unreached’. It is a great achievement indeed to have reached a striking success rate of 95% with its drinking water devices being in working condition and the direct and indirect beneficiaries in remote and interior area communities being met. A total population of (27112 + 21198) total 48310, covering  (112+87 ) across 199 habitations are the number of happy homes that this project has accomplished. Now; the concentration is on other developmental activities such as sanitation, and providing education to ensure the standard of living of the people are raised to a better level to ensure they experience a better quality of life.

Several traditional drinking water models like open wells, spring wells, cisterns, iron removal plants etc., have been provided which had yielded good results and has had a very positive impact. However; the struggle and time involved in fetching drinking water had not been reduced.

From then on, there has been no looking back for VJNNS. Our focus has been on providing purified, potable water to the door steps of the households of people in interior as well as remote areas of the deserving tribal communities.